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Can you believe that? Only joking — we had a blast working on these projects and have the coolest clients.


Strategic marketing content campaigns for B2B brands

Owl Labs

Empowering hybrid teams with actionable content

Bringing remote, hybrid, and flexible work strategies to the forefront with helpful articles and guides.

100+ keywords ranking top ten, 1M+ blog views


Marketing trends and data, but make it fun

A strategic content marketing survey and report for leaders, complete with extra HubSpotty-ness.

40k+ downloads and 25% net new contacts


Uncovering restaurant industry trends

A state of the industry report with actionable restaurant insights, localized to three global markets.

24% view to download conversion rate Surpassed organic acquisition goals


Driving business growth with OTT video education

Strategic content for marketing, HR, and leadership teams to scale video marketing and OTT efforts.

Completed two-thirds of Vimeo’s B2B content offers in 2021


Optimized restaurant industry strategic content

Content marketing creation and SEO strategy
for restaurant tech blog campaigns.

Blogs have a 2.25% view to lead conversion rate

“CXD Studio has been incredible to work with, and I recommend them to all of my teammates. We are very impressed by their attention to detail, timelines, and professionalism. I can always count on the quality of their work."

Margot Mazur

Strategic Partnerships Manager, HubSpot


Reports for executive audiences in Australia

Business insights and industry trends to guide leadership and go-to-market strategy.

CCO Report downloads achieved 100% of goal

australia report


The future of grocery shopping

Inaugural consumer trends report for grocery delivery industry with exclusive insights on a growing vertical.

15% view to download conversion rate Resulted in an organic boost across channels

Doordash grocery trends report


Empowering a data-driven workplace

Optimized content for leaders to discover how spatial intelligence can transform their organization.

+40% organic traffic growth in 6 months, 188% increase in top 10 ranking keywords

VergeSense blogs

“I really appreciate the work you put into each piece. It's always a delight to read the content you prepare for us! I'm very grateful to work with CXD :)”

Claudia Martinez Monsanto

Senior Marketing Manager, HubSpot


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