Tapping into the emerging creator economy

A deep dive into how we helped HubSpot and The Tilt create a resource for brands and creators to improve collaboration based on the latest data.


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Build trust with a new audience

HubSpot recently launched HubSpot Creators, a media platform and accelerator for business content creators. To help establish trust among the creator community and provide a valuable resource for HubSpot users and brands working with influencers, they partnered with The Tilt, one of the leading creator networks, to commission a research report and guide. 

This report needed to speak to both brands and creators, with actionable insights and tips for both audiences. 


Translate data into useful tips for brand-creator partnerships

HubSpot’s typical audience includes marketers, sales teams, service teams, web teams, and operations teams. But with the launch of their new HubSpot Creators media platform for podcasters and YouTubers in the business space, they needed to to reach brands and creators in a new way. The Tilt is an industry leader in the creator space, and made the perfect partner to help HubSpot enter into the creator economy. 

Once we received the data, we developed a content outline for the report that addressed what brands and creators need to know about succeeding in partnering together to grow. For creators, this report served as a benchmark and inspiration to grow their business. For brands, we outlined the best ways to incorporate creators into content marketing and brand awareness campaigns. 

To make this report as actionable and useful as possible, we answered the most common questions that brand marketing teams and creators ask about working with one another. We told a story with the data and showed the impressive growth of creator businesses with visualized charts and graphs. 

Finally, we added examples from real creators, CTAs for both HubSpot and The Tilt, and additional resources for both audiences. 

Three interior pages of the HubSpot Business of Creators report


A growing presence in the creator community

The Business of Creators report reached a new audience and drove organic traffic and engagement for both HubSpot and The Tilt. The report generated over 2,000 leads and 27% net new contacts. Both teams saw positive results sharing the report data via blog, email, and social media as well. This report has shown to be a useful resource for creators and brands in the space — podcasters from Our Story Your Story reviewed the report in detail for fellow content creators.


net new contact rate


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data visualizations

Based on enterprise customer data from 2021-2022.

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  • 100s of reports created
  • 100,000+ leads generated
  • Decades of experience working with B2B SaaS brands
  • Dozens of dedicated content marketing partnerships established

    • 100s of reports created
    • 100,000+ leads generated
    • Decades of experience working with B2B SaaS brands
    • Dozens of dedicated content marketing partnerships established