Ramping up educational content to support
B2B growth

When the Vimeo team wanted to scale B2B marketing efforts, they turned to CXD Studio to ramp up strategic content production.


Vimeo is an innovative video experience platform with video hosting, sharing, and editing features for creators, teams, and enterprises. Vimeo has 300M+ global users and went public in 2021.


New York, NY




1,000+ employees


Scale strategic content for B2B teams

Vimeo started out as a video sharing platform for indie creators. Over time, Vimeo has evolved to support not just content creators, but brands, media and publishing companies, and marketing teams who manage large scale video programs. As part of a new initiative to target B2B marketing teams, Vimeo needed to scale strategic content campaigns with limited internal resources. 

Using our experience working with B2B SaaS marketing teams, we helped the Vimeo team to create, optimize, and launch content marketing campaigns for a new audience segment.


Develop actionable, data-driven campaigns

To engage a new audience segment, we worked with the Vimeo team to create content to support their goals for B2B teams. We analyzed extensive audience research to understand how B2B marketing departments were using video and combined that with our experience in the B2B space to develop valuable content campaigns.

A recent campaign was a refresh of the Video Marketing Handbook that we’d worked on with the team in the past. So much time and effort goes into content creation, and enterprise teams can find success in refreshing content every year or two with new data, use cases, and CTAs. 

Along with the Video Marketing Handbook, we partnered with Emily and the B2B team to build out case studies, blog posts, and additional long-form guides for the SMB to enterprise audience segment. Vimeo is a leading media organization that values the creative process, so we worked in ample time for internal team reviews and approvals.

We implemented Vimeo’s signature clean design and visual examples, and incorporated customer stories and real-life stories using an approachable tone to help guide marketing teams.

Video Marketing Handbook and interior pages


More engagement and a wider reach across the B2B segment

As a new segment for Vimeo, the B2B team started small. But by partnering with our team at CXD Studio, they’ve launched tons of successful campaigns over the past few years. “With their help, we’ve ramped up our content output to a near-weekly basis to support our sales team,” Emily Gover, Customer Marketing Lead at Vimeo shared. “We couldn’t have done it without them.”  

The Video Marketing Playbook has proven to be a successful lead generator in the B2B segment for Vimeo, and the content we’ve partnered on has helped the sales team close more deals using educational content.


completed 2/3 of B2B offers in 2021


net new contact rate


average return on investment

Based on enterprise customer data from 2021-2022.

Vimeo case study templates

“CXD Studio was instrumental in helping us achieve our content goals. I rely on Katherine, Gabby, and their team to create quality copy and beautiful designs for some of our biggest projects. I’m grateful for their collaboration, hard work, and always hitting the (often ever-changing) deadlines I throw their way.”

Emily Gover, Customer Marketing Lead, Vimeo

Emily Gover

Customer Marketing Lead, Vimeo

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  • 100s of reports created
  • 100,000+ leads generated
  • Decades of experience working with B2B SaaS brands
  • Dozens of dedicated content marketing partnerships established

    • 100s of reports created
    • 100,000+ leads generated
    • Decades of experience working with B2B SaaS brands
    • Dozens of dedicated content marketing partnerships established