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To help drive interest in products designed for the rapidly growing use case of hybrid work, we developed strategic educational marketing content for the Owl Labs audience.


Owl Labs is a technology company that builds collaboration tools for hybrid teams. Their signature product is The Meeting Owl, a 360° smart video conferencing camera. Owl Labs recently secured a Series C and has raised $45M+ in investments to date.


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Educate teams on collaborative hybrid work technology

When our team started working with Owl Labs in 2018, the only content that mentioned the concept of “hybrid technology” was talking about hybrid cars or hybrid animals. The idea of a hybrid team was new, and so was the technology that supported hybrid work. Our goal at first was to drive awareness for Owl Labs’ proprietary Meeting Owl technology through educational content like blog posts, guides, templates, email, and social media posts. 

The challenges have evolved over the years that we’ve partnered with the Owl Labs team. Most recently, we’ve prioritized developing high-value content to increase conversions and engagement, and building out industry trends reports to support leadership teams at hybrid organizations.


Address workplace challenges with data

Despite massive growth in the overall acceptance of remote and hybrid work in the past few years, there’s still some resistance in many workplaces to go all in on flexible work. 

Starting a few years ago, the Owl Labs team dug into the friction points between remote 
and in-person colleagues, managers and their direct reports, and leadership teams in the first annual State of Remote Work. Since then, this report, along with other data-driven content pieces, have helped to guide progressive workplaces to mastering hybrid work. 

To help support potential Owl Labs customers in different levels of the workplace, we developed a range of content articles, how-tos, guides, templates, and reports for segments of their targeted audience. After working with this team year over year, we learned what was effective, and had the opportunity to run experiments on things like the blog conclusion call-to-action. 

Here’s some of the highest performing content that we’ve contributed to that continues to drive traffic, engagement, and leads for Owl Labs:

Blog posts on the Owl Labs blog like Keeping colleagues connected with human-centric tech

Blog posts on the Owl Labs blog like ‘Presence = Productivity’? Managers

Blog posts on the Owl Labs blog like The latest smart tech changing the workplace

The annual State of Remote Work and State of Hybrid Work reports. 

The hybrid leadership interview series featuring leaders like Alejandra Albarran from ROOM, Jordan MacIntosh from Robin, Graham Byrne from NextRoll.

The Meeting Agenda Templates for hybrid team leaders.


Leading the way with tech-powered hybrid work

Owl Labs has become an established player in the collaborative technology space, and their content marketing reach and readership have contributed to this growth. Our content with Owl Labs consistently ranks in the top spots on search and we’ve helped maintain these positions through ongoing optimization and content analysis.

We’ve helped the team secure press coverage using proprietary data reports, supported sales enablement initiatives, and been active partners in organic growth and acquisition. 


keywords ranking in the top ten


annual blog views


influenced contacts

Based on enterprise customer data from 2021-2022.

“CXD Studio has helped me create our most beautiful and best performing content. They are always at the ready to take my initial idea and create a final product that always exceeds my expectations.”

Rebecca Corliss

Former VP of Marketing at Owl Labs

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  • 100s of reports created
  • 100,000+ leads generated
  • Decades of experience working with B2B SaaS brands
  • Dozens of dedicated content marketing partnerships established

    • 100s of reports created
    • 100,000+ leads generated
    • Decades of experience working with B2B SaaS brands
    • Dozens of dedicated content marketing partnerships established