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Content Strategy

How do you measure the ROI of content marketing?

Measuring the success of content marketing is more than a 1:1 analysis of cost versus leads.

  • Content Strategy

Top bookmarks + Chrome extensions for content marketers

Make your life easier and save tons of clicks with these Chrome extensions and bookmarks for content marketers.

  • Content Strategy

TikTok SEO and the power of short form video marketing

TikTok is taking over as Gen Z's preferred search engine. Here's how to optimize short videos.

  • Copywriting & Design

Content marketing & copywriting tools for beginners

Copywriting tools and content marketing tools can help make life easier for professional writers — and help them create content that converts.

  • Copywriting & Design

Say no to keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing doesn’t read well, and it doesn’t even work. Here’s how to spot keyword stuffing — and how to approach blog

  • Content Strategy

Content marketing is a long game

Successful content marketing programs and company blogs are built in months and years, not weeks — but the results are worth the

  • Brand

10 women owned marketing agencies

These agencies range from offering content marketing and web design services, to social media management, and everything in between.

  • Content Strategy

Why is writing conversational blog content so hard?

Writing for a magazine, marketing, or blog audience is challenging - it's a mix of informative and casual. Here's how to capture

  • Content Strategy

How to unblock your next creative block

Getting unstuck from a creative block can be hard - usually the best thing is to shake it off by stopping for

  • Copywriting & Design

The top online communities for female freelancers

Finding community can help you grow your freelancing career, and the female freelancing communities help lift each other up.