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Content Strategy

How to develop customer personas for marketing

The first step of any good B2B or B2C marketing strategy is understanding your target audience.

  • Copywriting & Design

Say no to keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing doesn’t read well, and it doesn’t even work. Here’s how to spot keyword stuffing — and how to approach blog

  • Content Strategy

Content marketing is a long game

Successful content marketing programs and company blogs are built in months and years, not weeks — but the results are worth the

  • Brand

10 women owned marketing agencies

These agencies range from offering content marketing and web design services, to social media management, and everything in between.

  • Content Strategy

Why is writing conversational blog content so hard?

Writing for a magazine, marketing, or blog audience is challenging - it's a mix of informative and casual. Here's how to capture

  • Content Strategy

How to unblock your next creative block

Getting unstuck from a creative block can be hard - usually the best thing is to shake it off by stopping for

  • Copywriting & Design

The top online communities for female freelancers

Finding community can help you grow your freelancing career, and the female freelancing communities help lift each other up.

  • Brand

How to incorporate a brand’s style guide without sacrificing personality

Brand style guides are a tool, not a barrier. Here's how to infuse creativity into client work while staying on-brand.

  • Content Strategy

How to improve collaboration between creative copywriters and web designers

Figuring out how to work with other creatives is key to learning and growing in your career. Here's how.

  • Brand

Creative ways to find your brand identity

Your brand identity encompasses your visual brand and your brand’s mission, vision, and values. Here’s how to find yours. Have you ever