Helping HubSpot generate 30%+ net new leads and engage 40K+ marketers

We’ve partnered with HubSpot for the past three years to develop an upmarket report that drives engagement with the HubSpot audience and generates more net new leads.


HubSpot is a leading all-in-one contact relationship management (CRM) platform for businesses with Marketing, Sales, Service, CMS, and Operations Hubs.


Cambridge, MA




5,000+ employees, 165,000+ global customers


Use data to turn readers into leads

Our challenge was to translate report viewers into leads, engage existing audiences, and bring new marketers into the HubSpot ecosystem. To provide value for the audience of intermediate to advanced marketers, we planned to transform HubSpot survey data into an engaging downloadable report with shareable data visualizations, product and content CTAs, and actionable leadership insights.


Blend creativity and data storytelling to add value

Every strategic marketing campaign starts with a deep understanding of the audience, the product, and the project goals. Together with the HubSpot team, we identified what the audience of tech-savvy marketers wanted, and analyzed what worked from previous reports.

After exploring the data, we developed a report framework for HubSpot and their partners with the most relevant content for growth-focused marketers. With thousands of data points to choose from, we had to decide what was the most actionable data, and the most unique compared to similar industry reports.

Before starting to write the report, we built out an outline and decided on the sections and headlines that were the most searchable and optimized for the audience. As part of the copywriting process, we added commentary to the data, sourced expert quotes, included takeaways and tips for marketers, and added contextual CTAs.

Once the copy was finalized, we moved on to design. (Copy before design — always!) During the design phase, we visualized the copy and the data, incorporated HubSpot’s brand identity and their partners’ brands, and built custom CTAs. 

To make the report more engaging, we designed creative branded data visualizations like charts and graphs and added visual elements to make key points stand out. For a project like this one, with a goal of educating and converting the audience, we had to blend creative design with conversion best practices.

Interior pages of the HubSpot State of Marketing report


New leads, engaged contacts, and a strong ROI

By turning data into an actionable benchmark report with new data every year, we help HubSpot engage more marketing professionals and build trust with their audience.

From 2021 to 2022, we helped HubSpot increase the net new contact rate for the State of Marketing Report by 44%, bringing new, engaged marketers into their ecosystem. For companies like HubSpot, who have a strong lead nurturing program, net new contacts are the gold standard for annual campaigns like the State of Marketing. The ROI for industry reports is well-worth it, and HubSpot has seen over a 100% return on investment from past campaigns.


annual downloads


average net new contact rate


average return on investment

Based on enterprise customer data from 2021-2022.

The first section of the HubSpot marketing report showing The Biggest Changes for Marketing in 2023
Interior page of the HubSpot marketing report

“CXD Studio has been incredible to work with, and I recommend them to all of my teammates. We are very impressed by their attention to detail, timelines, and professionalism. I can always count on the quality of their work.”


Margot Mazur

Strategic Partnerships Manager, HubSpot

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  • 100s of reports created
  • 100,000+ leads generated
  • Decades of experience working with B2B SaaS brands
  • Dozens of dedicated content marketing partnerships established

    • 100s of reports created
    • 100,000+ leads generated
    • Decades of experience working with B2B SaaS brands
    • Dozens of dedicated content marketing partnerships established