Surpassing organic acquisition goals with
global annual trends reports

Our work with DoorDash has engaged new merchants and helped the team hit organic acquisition goals through the annual Restaurant Online Ordering Trends report.


DoorDash is a global technology company and marketplace that helps to connect people with local businesses through on-demand delivery via local contractors. DoorDash reached over $6B in revenue in 2022.


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Bring in new merchants

DoorDash is an established player in the on-demand delivery space, and our challenge here was to engage new merchants. To reach small to mid-sized businesses interested in growth and delivering top-notch customer service, we worked with the DoorDash team to create an industry trends report.

What do growing businesses want? Recent restaurant online ordering data, consumer preferences, and tips for reaching more customers. We planned to use the latest data and trends to give context to the on-demand delivery landscape and tell merchant growth stories.


Give rich context to consumer dining trends

To engage merchants, we needed new data from consumers, along with historical data for comparison. We also needed a good understanding of the types of merchants we wanted to reach, and a strategy for incorporating DoorDash solutions in a relevant way. Since we’ve worked on this particular campaign for several years, we have a unique view into what resonated in previous years, and what wasn’t as compelling. 

After analyzing the data and looking through previous reports, we mapped out the outline and brought in external resources like keywords, relevant articles, and questions to cover. Then, we decided on the key themes and most important takeaways for the restaurant business audience. 

During the copywriting phase, we decided which data was most important to be visualized, and provided options for design, like showing certain charts as a complete data set, and cutting some down to the top five data points. Here, we also incorporated leadership quotes, product CTAs, and internal links to supporting content.

In the design phase, we got to bring the data and stories to life. Working in the restaurant industry is a fun challenge — we combined complex data with the playfulness of food and beverage illustrations and case studies. We infused the report with DoorDash for Merchants most up-to-date brand identity and positioned DoorDash as an industry leader by using elevated designs. 

Consumer dining trends are as strong as the context, which is why DoorDash prioritizes regional marketing with detailed data reports based on where merchants are operating. For all DoorDash content, we help to localize for several regions. Having region-specific content has proven to be highly effective for DoorDash and other global brands, and we start thinking about each regional report from the start of the campaign. After completing the initial US edition, we gathered feedback from all stakeholders and helped build regional reports for Canada, Australia, and other regions.

Many different interior pages of the DoorDash report


Outperforming organic lead acquisition goals

The results are in — and this report is a hit! The Restaurant Online Ordering Trends Report has become a staple in the DoorDash for Merchants marketing strategy and has brought in thousands of new merchants year after year. By partnering with our team, DoorDash was able to get this report to market more quickly and lead the industry with their proprietary data. They secured notable media coverage from the report and have continued to show strong growth as a company quarter after quarter.


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of readers influenced to use or sign up for DoorDash


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Based on enterprise customer data from 2021-2022.

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“CXD Studio helped the DoorDash for Merchants team build engaging content. The launch of these reports and the thoughtful design execution helped us meet and beat our signup goals.”

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Allison Van Duyne

Senior Marketing Manager, DoorDash

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