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We boosted the reach of Lightcast’s data-driven Talent Playbook by refining their content strategy and creating an engaging landing page.


Lightcast, formerly Emsi Burning Glass, is an established data and economic modeling firm and proprietary, AI-powered technology platform. Lightcast supports data-driven talent strategies and provides comprehensive global labor market insights. 


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Engage and convert using data

Lightcast has been a leader in bringing global labor market data and insights to companies in an accessible way for over two decades. When we partnered with their team, our challenge was to rethink the content strategy for an annual benchmark report for talent teams. We wanted to drive organic traffic, but the primary goal was to convert viewers into leads. For this data report, we needed to walk the fine line between highlighting the most interesting takeaways to engage readers on the landing page and sharing too much up front.


Data storytelling + content strategy

How can you take hundreds of data points and distill them into an engaging piece of content? Not only an engaging piece of content, but one that’s actionable and super valuable to an audience of HR and talent management professionals? We’ve got some experience in this arena, and one of the most important elements of a data-driven campaign is data storytelling. 

It’s one thing to data dump a bunch of numbers into a document and call it a report. It’s another thing entirely to add cultural and societal context, show expertise, compare data to previous years and different regions, add insights from industry leaders, and make it all readable and easy to understand. After working with the Lightcast team to figure out what worked from the previous year’s report and what needed some refinement, we explored the data to find trends.

Then, we added conversion elements like strategic CTAs, internal links, actionable steps for leaders to take, and charts ready to be shared on social media. We also incorporated opportunities for press headlines and added a foreword from a Lightcast executive on the state of the industry. To round out this campaign, we supported the Lightcast team with the creative for social media ads, an interactive landing page featuring the juiciest data, and an optimized launch blog post to promote the report.


Killer engagement rates and YoY improvement

After implementing strategic conversion-focused changes and elevating this report into a more comprehensive, actionable guide, it became a much stronger campaign. And, by designing the landing page for conversion while also including SEO best practices, the overall campaign served multiple marketing team goals. The Talent Playbook campaign outperformed lead generation goals and converted more viewers in the first month than the previous year altogether.


view-to-download conversion rate


average net new contact rate


growth in engagement and leads generated

Based on enterprise customer data from 2021-2022.

Lightcast Global Talent Playbook landing page

“After working with the CXD Studio team to rethink our Talent Playbook campaign, we got the same results from the entire previous year in the first month after launch. Their strategic expertise helped us beat our goals and improve overall engagement and performance.”

Jon Hedlund

Vice President Marketing, Lightcast 

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  • 100s of reports created
  • 100,000+ leads generated
  • Decades of experience working with B2B SaaS brands
  • Dozens of dedicated content marketing partnerships established

    • 100s of reports created
    • 100,000+ leads generated
    • Decades of experience working with B2B SaaS brands
    • Dozens of dedicated content marketing partnerships established