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Generate new business with marketing research report campaigns developed by a team of experienced creatives and data analysts – delivered in eight to twelve weeks.

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Industry trends reports educate, grow, & convert audiences

Creating research-backed industry trends reports is complex, but worth it. Reports generate up-to-date proprietary data, actionable insights and takeaways, and content that reaches executives.

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average return on investment from report campaigns

2+ years

of organic SEO lead generation


average net new contact rate per campaign

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Based on enterprise customer data from 2021-2022.

Some of our reports in the wild


The marketing trends report that 40K+ marketers rely on

The HubSpot State of Marketing Trends report covers a range of topics while highlighting HubSpot and their partners.

42K+ downloads and 36% net new contacts

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The latest talent strategy data and recruitment trends

A comprehensive report designed to help employers create a data-backed hiring and retention strategy.

36% view-to-submission conversion rate and 29% net new contacts

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Lightcast Global Talent Playbook cover and inside pages


Uncovering restaurant industry trends

A state of the industry report with actionable restaurant insights, localized to three global markets.

24% view to download conversion rate and surpassed organic acquisition goals

View the report
DoorDash Restaurant Online Ordering Report


Tapping into the emerging creator economy

A report full of actionable tips for creators and brands who work with creators in the business and marketing space.

27% net new contacts

View the report
The Business of Creators Report - HubSpot

The research and report creation process

What goes into a marketing trends research report? Data collection and analysis, content strategy, copywriting and design, and promotion are just the start. We can help with the whole enchilada, from conceptualization to report creation and promo assets, or any part of the process on its own.

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Survey design and data acquisition

First, we map out the campaign goals, identify the target audience, and design a survey. Then, we gather qualified responses from our data partners or your customers.

  • We provide recommendations for pulling the right data and work with your preferred tools
  • Data sources can include consumers, customers, or decision-makers
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Data analysis

Our data team gets to the number crunching and data analysis. What interesting trends and patterns are there in the survey results?

  • You’ll get a summary of key findings and themes
  • Plus, we’ll share statistics, crosstabs, charts, graphs, and other data visualizations
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Content strategy and copywriting

Here, we write the report content and include CTAs, key themes, visualization suggestions, and leadership insights. Then, we deliver a report that’s ready for design.

  • Target audience research
  • Conversion optimization best practices
  • Data analysis to highlight compelling trends and insights for your brand audience
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Design and data visualizations

We tell a visual story with data and highlight your product or service through strategic design. You get a branded report that’s ready to share.

  • Build custom design elements
  • Incorporate your brand identity
  • Visualize complex data
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Landing page and promotional assets

Let’s get your branded industry trends report out there! We’ll create a custom landing page for the report, along with shareable content to drive traffic to your campaign.

  • Optimized landing page strategy, copy, and design
  • Promotional assets like social media images and ads
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Partner with CXD Studio to create industry trends report campaigns from start to finish,

or anywhere in between.

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“CXD Studio has helped me create our most beautiful and best performing content. They are always at the ready to take my initial ideal and create a final product that always exceeds my expectations.”

Rebecca Corliss

VP Marketing at VergeSense

“CXD Studio helped the DoorDash for Merchants team build engaging content. The launch of these reports and the thoughtful design execution helped us meet and beat our signup goals.”

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Allison Van Duyne

Content Marketing Manager, DoorDash

Launch a report next quarter.

Set up a call with us and we’ll have a kickoff to get crackin’ on your industry trends report within a week or two.

  • Expert content creators, data analysts, and strategists
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Organized, streamlined communication
  • High quality content that converts
  • Proven results with executive audiences

    • Expert content creators, data analysts, and strategists
    • Fast turnaround times
    • Organized, streamlined communication
    • High quality content that converts
    • Proven results with executive audiences