The top online communities for female freelancers

Finding community can help you grow your freelancing career, and the female freelancing communities help lift each other up.

By • Jul 19, 2022

Top online communities for female freelancers

As the cofounder of a content marketing agency with my business partner, Gabby Pinto, I’ve done a lot of searching online for new gigs and clients. We are content creators and work as a freelance copywriter, proofreader, editor, and marketing strategist and a freelance graphic designer, web designer, and animator, but we work together in tandem. Over the past few years running our business, I’ve leaned a lot on a community that has helped us find new clients, work with other women who freelance, and develop side businesses…the community of women who freelance.

If you are thinking about getting your side hustle started as a content creator, photographer, copywriter, brand strategist, or any other field of freelancing and don’t know where to begin, aren’t feeling confident in yourself, or don’t have the support of fellow entrepreneurs in your everyday life, you can access these free networks from anywhere in the world.

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In saying this, we would love to support other women as well, so please reach out on Instagram or on our website if you’re looking for mentorship or guidance in marketing, copywriting, or design.

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How Can the Women who Freelance Help?

  • Compare your costs to others who offer the same services. Maybe it’s time to bump up your rates!
  • Get advice on negotiating contracts, collecting invoices, and dealing with awkward client interactions.
  • Find new gigs (or find projects you didn’t even know you were qualified for).
  • Collaborate with others, like Gabby and I do. I’ve seen lots of creatives who specialize in one area, like animation, who look for other creatives to send referrals to or work with regularly.
  • Meet and connect with fellow badass women in your field.
  • Provide creative advice. Maybe you’re launching your new brand, or a new company and want to get feedback on your name or copy.
  • Help out with tricky client questions or help you get out of a creative rut.
  • Keep yourself on track with groups like Accountability Circle on Girlboss.

Now, this may seem too good to be true if you’re not a part of these networks, but I’m telling you, #womensupportwomen. When people ask for help in these groups, they get an average of 10–20 responses right off the bat. At this point, you’re probably wondering, where do I find all of these amazing women? Here are my favorite online communities to collaborate with other women who freelance and have marketing agencies.

The Top Online Communities for Women who Freelance

  1. Freelancing Females on Facebook
  2. The Creative Lady Collective on Facebook
  3. Girlboss.com
Panelists for Freelancing Females’ virtual conference, Reignite
Freelancing Females Virtual Conference

How to Succeed in Using Online Communities for Entrepreneurial Women

First, follow the rules. Each group has a set of rules for being a part of the community. Don’t spam the group with promotional messages, use it honestly and deliberately. Every post needs to be approved by administrators so choose carefully when to post and when to listen and respond to others. Some groups ask that you tag the content with things like #opportunity or #ask. Girlboss includes lots of different “Collectives” or subgroups, so do your research and make sure to find the most appropriate group for your ask.

Women Supporting BIPOC and LGBTIQ+ Freelancers

Many of these online communities are making efforts to help support BIPOC and LGBTIQ+individuals. Freelancing Females launched a database that connects BIPOC women with allies who can offer support, referrals, or mentorship. Women who are asking for help are asking for BIPOC women and businesses, if available or interested. Girlboss has Collectives like Latinxs in Business and LGBTIQ+.

What are your favorite groups of #womensupportingwomen or places online that you feel comfortable connecting and collaborating with others? We’d love to expand this list to include more amazing places for women to work together. Let us know in the comments or on social media @cxdstudio.

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