24 gifts for creatives from women-owned businesses

Finding thoughtful gifts for creative people is hard. Here are some ideas for gifts for copywriters, designers, and other creatives — all from small women-owned businesses.

By • Oct 23, 2022

When the time comes to find a present for a creative friend or coworker — whether it’s a holiday gift, birthday gift, thank you gift, or client gift — it feels like a lot of work to search for anything. Nevermind a gift that’s thoughtful and comes from a small business or women-owned business that you want to support.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of gift ideas for creative people, and picked out a selection of our favorites that are available right now. 

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What do creative people like?

Creative people like to be inspired, and love to surround themselves with everyday items that match their aesthetic and help to spark creativity. Anything that could be “boring” or generic could also be beautiful and artistic. Creatives also love to support one another, so any opportunity to buy from another artist or small business is a huge win. 

Gift ideas for creative people

  • Notebooks or stationery
  • Mugs
  • Pens/pencils/markers
  • Calendars
  • Plants
  • Blankets
  • Desk accessories
  • Stickers
  • Water bottles
  • Art
  • Books
  • Sweatshirts, socks, and cozy work from home (WFH) wear
  • Candles

Gifts for any creative person

  1. Bold 12 Month Wall Calendar from Talking Out of Turn $16

This inspirational calendar from Talking Out of Turn (or Toot) comes in a few options with different color schemes and motivational sayings. Give the gift of monthly uplifting illustrations and sayings, plus organization. 

Calendar with rainbow stripes and it reads "today's gonna be a good day"
  1. Groovy Pen Set from Pigment $15

From personal experience, I can say these pens are fab. They have a nice fine point and look great in Reels or TikToks. Check out more pen designs from Pigment (some are NSFW for your cheekier coworkers or clients). 

photo of three pens, one is orange, one is pink, and one is light orange and they read "california", "groovy baby", and "trip out"
  1. Pink Checker Glitter Water Bottle from Golden Gems $20

Proper hydration is the key to all good creative work — why not do it in style?

pink checkered glitter water bottle
  1. Week to Week Mega Desk Notepad from Ban.do $15

Where are our visual, pen-and-paper creatives? This big weekly planner desk mat from Ban.do is perfect for the creative who feels that “if it’s not written down, it doesn’t exist”. 

desk mat labeled with the days of the week and with a daisy patter
  1. Dapperdesk Daily Planner from Simplified by Emily Ley $64
    This is my all-time favorite planner ever — be warned, it’s a bit heavy but so worth it. The Dapperdesk Daily Planner has a page per day with a section for your daily schedule, to-dos, and notes. For the creative who likes to see their day visually and take pen and paper notes during the week, this planner is a game changer.
daily planner open to "sunday january 1, 2023" with a daily schedule, a to do list, and a notes section
  1. Striped Planner Pouch from Simplified by Emily Ley $30

Keep your planner and pens together in this planner pouch from Emily Ley. 

yellow striped pouch on a pink background
  1. Stickers from Beenanza Design $3

Bethany is a designer and artist from Burlington, Vermont who creates gorgeous patterns, murals, and more. Grab these fun stickers for a creative friend’s laptop or desk area! 

person holding a sticker of a hand giving a peace sign that says "peace"
  1. Collective Wisdom: Lessons, Inspiration, and Advice from Women Over 50 by Grace Bonney from Pigment $35

For the creative who likes to read and be inspired — grab this for your boss or favorite freelancer. It also makes a beautiful coffee table book to share the love with guests. 

image of a book called "collective wisdom" by grace bonney, subtitled "Lessons, inspiration, and advice from women over 50" with images of various older women of different backgrounds and cultures

9. The Trust The Creative Process Glass Cup from CXD Studio $18

This fun 16 oz glass cup has colorful daisies and a motivational message for creatives. Good for hot or cold drinks, it doubles as a subject for social media content and a desk accessory.

glass cup with colorful daisies and the phrase "trust the creative process"

Gifts for freelancers

10. Create, Hustle, Repeat Candle from Posh Candle Co $18 

Posh Candle Co makes the most incredibly rich scented candles (that last forever) with motivational phrases perfect for freelancers who work from home. 

photo of a yellow candle that says "create hustle repeat" scented fresh squeezed lemon from Posh Candle Co

11. Freelance Club Mug from Freelancing Females $14

This fun mug for freelancers comes in a bunch of different fun, bright colors like yellow, pink, aqua, and more. 

photo of a mug that says "freelance club" and it has a yellow interior

12. Feel it Out by Jordan Sondler from Bookshop $20

Freelancing can be hard, and feel lonely at times. Grab your freelance pal a copy of Jordan Sondler’s illustrated book, Feel it Out: The Guide to Getting in Touch With Your Goals, Your Relationships, and Yourself. 

cover of a book titled "feel it out: the guide to getting in touch with your goals, your relationships, and yourself" by Jordan Sondler

13. Sunrise Colorblock Throw from Pigment $54

Whether you work from home or in an office, it’s always good to have a cozy throw by your workstation — why not grab one with a beautiful pattern that matches your vibe?

photo of a throw blanket with yellow, white, and pink stripes with a beach in the background

14. Coffee Coffee Coffee Beer Can Glass from Pigment $14

This fun coffee mug from Pigment is great for freelancers who are also content creators. Somehow, coffee-related content always performs well! 

glass cup that says "coffee coffee coffee" in a retro font

15. The Trust the Creative Process Sweatshirt $45

It’s cozy, it’s cute, and it works for Zoom calls or days in the office. Share your creative side with this classic black sweatshirt that freelancers can wear to social events or coffee shops.

woman wearing a black sweatshirt, white turtleneck, and jeans, smiling. the sweatshirt reads "trust the creative process" in white

Gifts for copywriters

16. Good Copy Gang Hat from Oxford Comma Co $34

We may be a niche crew, but we’re proud. Get your copywriter friends this cute hat so they can represent.

photo of a woman wearing a black hat with orange letters that reads "Good Copy Gang"

17. Greeting Cards by Jordan Sondler from 1973 $4

There’s just something about getting real mail, and as a copywriter, it can be fun to send handwritten notes to clients, coworkers, or partners. 

photo of a hand drawn greeting card that reads "you moved!"

18. Lined Notebook from Pigment $24

For any writer friend, a new notebook is always a welcome gift. This notebook from Pigment comes in a few colors, like this one in Teak.

photo of a teak colored notebook

19. The Trust the Creative Process Tee $28

This flowy, cropped tee is comfy to wear when you’re in deep focus mode writing, and also looks great for an unexpected Zoom call or lunch date.

arm holding up a black tee shirt that says "trust the creative process" in white letters

Gifts for designers

20. Pacific Coast Wonder Poster from Hoodzpah $30 

Design sees design, and this graphic print from Hoodzpah is a great addition to any creative’s office.

photo of a desk with a plant and a cup with a graphic print on the wall of a beach scene

21. Monstera Minima Plant from Pigment $26 

There’s something about designers and Monsteras… Get your designer friends this mini Monstera from Pigment. 

photo of a monstera plant in a white pot

22. Ceramic Tumbler from Pigment $32

For the java (or tea) obsessed designer friend with a minimalist aesthetic — this ceramic tumbler in Terracotta comes with a cute protective sleeve. 

photo of a hot beverage tumbler in terracotta color

23. Tutti Frutti Wireless Charging Pad $26

Charge your devices (iPhones, Androids, Apple Watches, and AirPods) without ruining the look and feel of your desk area with this beautiful wireless charging pad designed by Elena Boils. It comes in a few different patterns and designs. 

photo of a wireless charging pad with a colorful tropical print on it

24. The Creative Cap $35

This distressed baseball cap for creatives has an adjustable strap and fits everyone. For the chic designer, it’s an easy everyday look.

woman with curly hair wearing a black baseball cap that reads "creative", a green sweater, and a white turtleneck

Whether you’re getting ahead on holiday shopping, choosing a creative client gift for the end of the year, or looking for a birthday present for your best friend, we hope this list will help you out. Happy shopping! 

P.S None of these are affiliate links or sponsored — we just like all of these brands. 🙂 

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