Top bookmarks + Chrome extensions for content marketers

Make your life easier and save tons of clicks with these Chrome extensions and bookmarks for content marketers.

By • Aug 15, 2022

Top bookmarks + Chrome extentions

When I come across something that takes me forever, or feels way too manual, I always try to work smarter, not harder — in the footsteps of Charles Duhigg (author of Smarter Better Faster and The Power of Habit, both great reads.) 

Recently, I got stumped by trying to create a multi-select dropdown list in Google Sheets. The solution required adding a script and some complicated steps, so it ended up being easier having way more columns and marking X in them than cloning the Google Sheets doc with the dropdown and editing it for my use. 

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But for a lot of things, I have figured out easier ways to go about things and I’m always open to learning more from people on Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, or Google.

I worked at HubSpot where I got to see a top content marketing team in action, and now I run CXD Studio where I run an incredible content strategy team with my business partner Gabby. We are both equally passionate about finding new, more efficient ways to run our business and keep track of our growing list of business ideas, so I’ve picked up a lot of these from her, too. Credit where credit is due. 

Here are my actual Chrome extensions and favorite bookmarks as a content marketer, editor, copywriter, and agency owner, and how I use them in my day to day life.

Send me any of your favorites on Twitter or Instagram — I’m @katboyarsky. 

Chrome Extensions for Content Marketers 

  1. Word Counter Plus
    Highlight any web-based text, right click, and view the word count. Super helpful for competitive research and SEO analysis.
  2. GoFullPage
    Capture the full webpage in perfect quality, no matter how long the page is.
  3. Mangools SEO
    Check the site’s domain authority, page authority, referring IPs, and more.
  4. Similar Web
    Traffic ranking and webpage analysis – another helpful SEO tool!
  5. Eye Dropper
    Pick colors from web pages or PDFs that are open in browser and grab the hex codes or add them to your palette.

Content Marketers — Bookmark These Pages

  1. AP Styleguide
    Quickly check formatting for common terms and editing preferences.
  2. Plagiarism Checker
    A free tool to check if the content is pulled from another source and properly credited.
  3. WebFX Readability Checker
    See how your content stacks up from a readability perspective, and shoot for a 5th – 8th grade reading level for the widest audience.
  4. Percent Change Calculator
    It comes up more often than you would think. Use this very basic tool to quickly find out how much things have changed!

Share any more that you use regularly!

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