How to improve collaboration between creative copywriters and web designers

Figuring out how to work with other creatives is key to learning and growing in your career. Here’s how.

By • Jul 14, 2022

How to improve collaboration between creative copywriters and web designers

“Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”

Yes, I did just start this post about the relationship between copywriters and web designers with a quote by Theodore Roosevelt, popularized in the modern zeitgeist by Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation.

And I’ll even do Teddy one better by pairing some of his most famous words with some more of Leslie’s.

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Amy Poehler playing Leslie Knope on NBC’s Parks & Recreation television show.
Amy Poehler playing Leslie Knope on Parks & Recreation. Image via NBC Universal Television Distribution.

“And I would add that what makes work worth doing is getting to do it with people you love. Find your team.”

Finding your team is not only great advice from one of network television’s most beloved characters, but a crucial step toward running a successful digital marketing business.

Finding your team in the digital marketing sphere means breaking down silos.

When individual departments are not encouraged to be team players they develop tunnel vision, and the end product suffers for it. However, when creative copywriters and talented web designers have the freedom to work together, the product is fresh and innovative and, crucially, the client wins.

Katherine and Gabby, cofounders of CXD studio, collaborate while sitting on a gray couch next to a plant.
Katherine (left), copywriting, and Gabby (right), design, collaborate while working on creative projects for clients.

Really, the significance of having the right visuals alongside written content has become more evident. When graphic artists and copywriters work together, they both flourish. For any content to hook prospects and compel immediate action, these creative forces must come together by not transferring work, but delving into it side-by-side.

For businesses, having copywriters and graphic designers work together earlier in the process contributes to:

  • Shorter turnarounds on projects
  • Happier employees
  • Better products and campaigns
  • Higher quality work
  • More creative, innovative projects

Better alignment benefits the business, end client, and creative teams.

Are innovative ideas important to copywriters and designers? There’s no other answer than yes, and experience has shown that more ideas emerge when these sets of creatives work together. One of the best things about working collaboratively with those who bring different skill sets to the table is learning from their experience. Just like when one copywriter brainstorms with another to share knowledge and give feedback, when copywriters work alongside web designers they should be open to gaining a better sense of varying perspectives.

Learning from colleagues is not just a benefit of collaborating with the best, it’s the first step toward innovation.

The jobs of copywriters and designers are very similar. They are both masters of their crafts. They express complex concepts and ideas in bite-sized bits that convey meaning in a moment. The fact that one does all this with words while the other accomplishes it with images isn’t a dividing factor, but a celebratory one. Copywriters and web designers are kindred, creative spirits that only amplify their abilities when they work together.

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