Storytelling campaign and research exploring remote work around the world
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Update and expand on the 2017 State of Remote Work report, making it a comprehensive global survey of remote workers.


We designed and analyzed a survey using Google Surveys & created a custom report page with the results. This project performed well for our client and contributed to traffic and sales.

Learning how and why people work from home

Owl Labs, a video conferencing startup, wanted an updated state of remote work to expand on their 2017 benchmark report. With the new report, they were looking for a global audience, and wanted to know how people work remotely, looking for trends and data exploring remote workers.

We created the Global State of Remote Work, a comprehensive storytelling campaign and benchmark report exploring alternative workspace environments, which includes motivations for working remotely, where remote workers are concentrated around the world, and how remote work affects people. We created a survey, landing page, custom data visualizations, a hero image, social media images, and an email for this campaign.

The goal of this project was to develop and distribute a survey about remote work, analyze the data, and display and discuss the findings in a simple, visually pleasing way while incorporating Owl Labs’ brand and style.

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“We found that remote work creates opportunities in regions where careers in many roles and industries previously did not exist.”

Global State of Remote Work
Owl Labs
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Global State of Remote Work, 2018 Owl Labs benchmark report.

Interpreting and analyzing survey results

We created a survey and sent it to over 3,000 global, full-time employees via Google Surveys. We then analyzed the data and parsed out the most relevant information and statistics, and visualized the most new and interesting facts. We created custom charts and graphs using the brand style guide.

This project was a vital part of Owl Labs’ traffic and conversion campaigns and was sent to their audience as well as used in social media advertising to reach new potential followers and prospects.

“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.”

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

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