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Create blog content to help educate on remote and hybrid teams, drive traffic to Owl Labs' website, and improve search rankings for key terms.


We wrote and edited content for both the client and their partners that improved traffic to the client's website and improved SEO.

Short form and long form SEO optimized blog posts

Our client, Boston-based video conferencing company Owl Labs, needed remote and hybrid team related search engine optimized (SEO) blog content to help them drive traffic to their website. We wrote and edited informative articles for the client and their guest blogging partners for readers ranging from executives to those just starting out in their careers. We created posts ranging from 750-2,000 words and across many formats and assisted in content strategy and blog outreach.

For these posts, the client wanted to include product-specific content as well as topic and industry-focused posts. We created weekly blog posts for Owl Labs on topics like video conferencing, meeting rooms, meetings, remote work, remote teams, and more.

Owl Labs utilized blog content as a strategy to grow traffic, audience, and improve search engine results and ranking. Blog content was directly related to a rise in traffic for the company.

“Companies will continue a recent trend of challenging traditional business strategy norms, even down to team structure, favoring nonhierarchical leadership. Flat organizations reduce the amount of "red tape," and fewer levels of management need to be involved in decision making.”

8 Predictions for the Future of Remote Work

Writing content for specific audiences and experience levels

When creating blog content, it’s important to think about your audience while you write. For many copywriters, particularly freelance writers, they will use an actual printed out image of who they’re writing for in that moment. Let’s say you write for Good Housekeeping, Women’s Health, and a feminist Medium blog. Each one of these audiences, while primarily female, has a different reader who requires a different voice and tone. In writing for businesses, many companies have a persona or intended user who they imagine receiving their content. This is an easy way to focus and tailor writing for many different brands and companies.

“While some execs may be doubtful of the new age of flexible work, data has shown that working remotely doesn’t have a negative effect on employees’ investment in their work. In fact, the number one reason employees choose to work remotely is increased productivity and focus.” from How executives work remotely around the world on the Predictive Index blog

The state of remote work around the world

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