Teaching marketers how to work with Instagram influencers
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Write and design a custom, SEO-optimized ebook educating our client's audience about working with influencers on Instagram.


We included the latest information on Instagram influencers and incorporated an Instagram theme in the design. This project was published to HubSpot's resource library.

The latest in social media marketing

HubSpot and Sprout Social wanted a comprehensive guide to Instagram influencer marketing including outreach, email templates, budget, how to find influencers, how to create Instagram campaigns, and maintaining relationships with influencers. With a recent increase in searches for influencer marketing, this content is brand new and has limited information available online.

“With Instagram’s user-base and engagement growing exponentially and the influencer market predicted to more than double its 2017 profit numbers in 2019, the currently $4.6+ billion dollar industry is a lucrative marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes. 80% of marketers have found that influencer marketing has been helpful in growing their business.”

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The Ultimate Guide To Influencer Marketing

Using written style guides

For this guide to influencer marketing, we incorporate both the HubSpot Style Guide and Sprout Social Written Style Guide and combined them, using a helpful but not-too-serious tone that conveys trust and authority.

Many businesses find that creating a written brand style guide can be a challenge. Start small. Decide what you want to convey through your tone and writing. What kind of relationship do you want to build with your audience? How do you want them to think of you? Are you just short of an encyclopedia, a source of expert knowledge? Or are you a friend, available for support and helpful resources?

Ultimately, HubSpot published the influencer marketing guide to their resource library and both HubSpot and Sprout Social shared the ebook with their audiences as part of a content campaign and promotion.

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How to work with Instagram influencers

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