Canadian small business gift guide for creatives

Stumped on what to buy for your loved ones this holiday season? This Canadian gift guide has got you covered.

By • Dec 6, 2022

It’s that time of year again — the annual holiday gift shopping frenzy has begun. Every year, we try our best to support local businesses when buying holiday gifts for family and friends, so we thought we’d help our community do the same by putting together this Canadian gift guide for the 2022 holiday season. 

There are so many reasons to shop small this season. First of all, every single purchase made at a small business helps them grow. We love having small businesses in our communities and our news feeds, and the only way to keep them there is by shopping there! 

Plus, when sending a gift to Canada, shoppers often find that shipping fees from American stores add up very quickly. And the recipient may even have to pay additional duties themselves when picking up the package. 

To avoid this, and for the love of supporting local artisans and businesses, many Canadian and international shoppers are looking to Canada-based small businesses for their holiday gifts. 

Here’s 15 gift ideas from Canadian small businesses we love and are proud to support. We included items with a wide range of prices, interests, and styles in mind — enjoy, and happy holidays!

  1. A party tray of 24 brigadeiros from Mary’s Brigadeiro — $60 CAD 

Mary’s Brigadeiro creates a rotating roster of incredible flavors of brigadeiros, the classic Brazilian treats made with chocolate and sweetened condensed milk. Mary’s uses the best ingredients available to create flavor-packed brigadeiros that will delight anyone with a sweet tooth. The salted caramel crunch is not to be missed. Mary’s store is in Toronto, but they ship all over the world.

  1. Wheel-thrown teal ceramic pet bowl (or serving bowls) by BeiBei Art Pottery — $26-28 CAD

Manitoba-based mother and daughter ceramicists BeiBei Art Pottery have many gorgeous items meant for your pets, but they can also be used as serving platters for any kind of human meals, too. 

  1. Thunderbird print from CJ Houle Art — $35 CAD

Anishinaabe artist Cody James Houle creates gorgeous prints of his work that can add beauty and color to any room. There are dozens to choose from in his store, from depictions of nature to his take on Woodland art. This Thunderbird was our favorite.

  1. Boho U-Shaped Earrings from Plot Twist Boutique — $30 CAD

Inspired by her recovery from a traumatic brain injury, Erica from Plot Twist Boutique creates handmade, elegant, high-quality, and affordable jewelry and sells it in farmer’s markets around Toronto, as well as online. The boho U-shaped earrings can add a glint of something special to any outfit. 

  1. Kelewele Spice Blend from The Abibiman Project — $4 – $9 CAD

The Toronto-based Abibiman Project creates and shares spice blends, chocolate bars, and sauces inspired by cuisines all over Africa. Kelewele is a Ghanaian dish of seasoned fried plantain, and this spice blend can help you recreate the dish in your kitchen. It contains Ashanti pepper, ginger, garlic powder, chili flakes, and kosher salt, so it’s very versatile and packed with flavor. It goes great with any kind of meat or roasted veggies.

  1. Framed Metis Beadwork by Sisters Leather and Fur — $67 CAD

This beautiful framed Metis beadwork art is created by Terri Spear of Sisters Leather and Fur in Winnipeg. It would brighten up your workspace, bathroom, or kitchen — or really, wherever you want to add some intricate beaded art.

  1. Montreal Townhouse Print by Art Karolina Paintings — $31.26 – $46.89 CAD

Karolina Szablewska captures the everyday beauty of Montreal in authentic and colorful ways. She paints landmarks around the city, from the most famous to the little things that make the city unique and beautiful — like this amazing painting of a snow-covered staircase, recycling bin and all.

  1. 5-Pack of Indigenous Soap from Mohawk Soap Company —$36.99 CAD

Eric Henhawk of Mohawk Soap Company creates handmade soaps inspired by recipes used by Indigenous peoples for the past 5000 years. They’re scented with cedarwood, sage, coriander, and orange essential oils. Plus, $3 from each five-pack sold is donated to the Six Nations Community Food Bank in Ohsweken, Ontario.

  1. Mole La Tortilleria from La Tortilleria — $15.77 CAD

La Tortilleria started out as a local tortilla store, supplying Latin American families around Toronto with fresh, delicious tortillas. They’ve now grown their business and provide wholesale tortillas to restaurants, as well as their original family customers. We recommend you buy a stack of tortillas, of course, but also try a jar of their homemade Mole sauce. 

  1. Composition 5 – Toronto St George Subway Station by Diogo Pinheiro Art — $30 CAD

Diogo Pinheiro creates art inspired by Toronto’s many subway stations. For the public transit enthusiast in your life, or anyone who’s ever lived in Toronto and become particularly attached to their neighborhood, his prints are the perfect gift. 

  1. London Fog Wood Wick Candle from Seventh + Oak

For the person in your life who lives to light a cozy candle and indulge in some soothing self-care, there’s no better option than a wood wick candle from Seventh + Oak. The London Fog scent features bergamot, lavender, vetiver, and vanilla, and the wood wick crackles as it burns. 

  1. Swivel ring from ZTQ Jewels — $19.99 CAD

ZTQ Jewels is an emerging jewelry company, founded in 2019, and their small but powerful team of five work to create beautiful and accessible jewelry inspired by self-love and self-care. This gorgeous swivel ring is available in silver and gold. It’s simple enough to match with the rest of your rings, but still intricate and elegant. 

  1. Set of 3 Cute Colorful Small Planters with Golden Stand by Kasa Gallery — $84 CAD

Kasa Gallery’s beautiful, brightly colored planters will bring some joy into any plant lover’s space. They’re perfect for desks or side tables. 

  1. Graphic daisy stud earrings multi-pack by Combinist

These cheeky earrings add cartoonish charm to any outfit, and Combinist has dozens of other lightweight acrylic earrings in a variety of styles.

  1. Radiant Wilds Tarot Deck from The Rock Store

This stunning, brightly colored tarot deck designed by Nat Girsberger will delight anyone who’s gotten into tarot, self-reflection, and spirituality — and anyone with an eye for desert-inspired design.

Happy shopping!

If you buy any of the items in this guide, post a pic on Instagram and be sure to tag us at @cxdstudio. Happy holidays!


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